19 Inconceivable Facts About The Making Of “The Princess Bride”

“André was not at his physical peak,” Elwes wrote. “He was in fact suffering. All those years of toting around so much weight had left him with this very painful condition.”

“André was due to have an operation after he wrapped the movie, but until then the only medication he could take to deal with the pain was alcohol,” he added. “Now, if you think André could eat, you should have seen him drink. It was legendary. Instead of using a regular glass, André drank from a beer pitcher, which looked a lot like a regular glass in his hands. In reality, it was 40 ounces of alcohol, which he nicknamed ‘The American.’”

Reiner wrote about one morning where André arrived to set not feeling well because he drank three bottles of cognac and 12 bottles of wine the night before. “’I got a little tipsy,’” Reiner recalled André saying.

FK – One of my favorite movies, if only for this quote: “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” I included it on my quotes page because so many seem to be in denial of this fact.

However I don’t think our time in this world should be daily misery, which is why I’ve tried so hard to avoid the blue collar hell I see so many waste decades in, which nowadays is only worse after NAFTA and the loss in many places of the 40 hour work week.  We should be able to have part time jobs that pay all our bills, but the corporate workaholic assholes want workers who are desperate and willing to do or say anything, including committing slow suicide by destroying their health in the name of showing up on time, doing what they’re told and never asking inappropriate questions.

In the book the lead kidnapper makes the comment about pain and sales.